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Payment methods

We accept many different payment methods, you can use….

We do not charge card fees.
Amount to be deducted once order is placed, if bill is split in 3 instalments, only the 1st instalment will be deducted upon placing of order, with subsequent payment in next 2 months.)

Reservation of amount

If you pay with an international payment card, the amount is reserved immediately. The money is reserved on your card or account until:

We deduct the amount when we send the item, or the money is released according to agreement with your card issuer.

You can read more about the rules for your specific card from your card issuer.


Our prices on www.actiforce.com.my are displayed incl. sales tax.


Subject to force majeure and price changes.

Need help?

Contact us at helpdesk@actiforce.com.my for questions related to refunds and returns.